Towards a free, wealthy and global Scotland

There comes a point when an individual grows up and looks after themselves. When they realise they will need many others to survive and even alone they are in-dependence.

Scotland will always be together, beside and joined to England. Our geography ensures this. We have shared struggles and celebrations. But for me as an Englishman (and internationalist) I want an independent nation by my side, not a subservient one.

Back in the day when Scotland had five universities, England had two. Scotland led the enlightenment with all its faults and inspirations. Take Norway as an interesting example, so near Scotland and comparative in many ways. Their independence has allowed them to move away from a culture of marauding Vikings terrorizing neighbours, towards a more mature global influence dispensing a broad range of Nobel prizes, leading and appreciating the world’s culture and science, as well as being key sponsors of peace between Israel and Palestine.

The problem with not being independent is that all you have left is to be parochial. When you are free you can stand out and say what you really think and feel. Imagine if the English football team was essentially chosen from just a couple of schools or a couple of universities. They would never stand a chance at the world cup. Because there is a reasonably level playing field in football, they are able to play at the top tournament (sometimes).But the politics of England is still hamstrung by this parochial lack of democracy, lack of accountability, lack of using the range of talents and obsession with bossing others about. Politically England has emasculated Scotland. If the experience of independence is bad, then Scotland can have another referendum in five or ten years and re-join the union.

Whatever England does after Scotland has gained its freedom, Scotland should rise above the tantrums of the political goons down south. Dignity and reason will prevail over threats. Things will settle down and get solved. With a level playing field for its citizens Scotland will flourish as never before and set sail on a journey that utilizes its genius and material wealth for global progress. Come on Scotland, be brave for yourselves and us.