Conjoined triplets: Patriarchy, Pornography and Paedophilia

The feeble minds that need stimulus from a picture of a bare-breasted woman, will be more likely to take sexual advantage of a young child. And to start the process of evaluation/research into this hypothesis, check out first who owns the paper? who takes the photo and who looks in pathetic longing at a pornographic image? Intuitively, this is the profile of Paedophile Man – the original patriarch. In all his post modern guises, from priapic pop star to gun-toting looney tune.

HE IS: The man who fears woman and child, who puts her in second place, who throughout “civilised” history has used rape as a mark of conquest when over-running an enemy’s defences. This is the patriarch who defines himself by his ability to emasculate and dominate woman or child. He skulks among the caves of male psyches, finding refuge in ancient texts and with the tenets of freedom of speech.

As women grasp at (or rediscover) the behaviours of equal status and our definition of freedom rises above abuse, the entrenched patriarchs, especially those who have floated to the surface of capitalism’s potlatch – those patriarchs will use pornography to educate teenage boys in the ways of thinking of women as one dimensional sex objects. Ignorant boys will struggle to make relationships, and if they do succeed in finding a girl, then they can look forward to a steep learning curve or bitter strife, as she civlises them. For no self-respecting girl today, sees herself as second class.

If money as the means of exchange is used as the method (or the excuse) for enticing young women to do something they would prefer not – because the alternatives are unemployment, or so poorly paid, or lacking inspiration – then the challenge is to develop a constructive and creative economy, that meshes with desire. Great minds and powerful bodies can throw off the shackles of the porno-military economy with its destructive impulses. Brilliant strong characters can now challenge the celebrity-paedophile society with its vast unhinged individualism, which imagines it can ride roughshod over a child’s immortal innocence.

The brotherhood of man will move forward into more dynamic relationships, of partnerships stripped of the veneer of instinctive imbecility, replaced instead with composed knowledge, humane humility, with the strength and power to bind constructive communities together, to overcome infantile competitiveness with strong bonds of friendship and co-production. We will educate our children and ourselves to have fun and an attractive future.