Wisdom through the ages

Perennial wisdom is a growing understanding of the unity of all.

The truth may always be within us and we attune our senses to the prevailing winds. For example – cave men and women knew where the nut and berry trees were, and scoured the savannah for lions and tigers.

Empires arose in the furnace of splendour and might, so the prophets balanced the fury of power, with a call for peace. If the scientific process leads us towards a much better way of life, then history is a glorious array of experiments that have given us successes and failures as evidence of our short-comings and potential.

Modernism, communism and capitalism have taken humanity to its limits and it is right for us to pause and look over the abyss. There is no need to jump though! Yes: we have indulged our senses to their limits: gorged ourselves to obesity; smoked ourselves into smogs; drunk ourselves into stupors; lusted ourselves to pornography and paedophilia, slaughtered ourselves to genocide, plundered our abundant earth unto deserts, incinerated cities in an instant, sailed the seven seas and probed our universe with spaceships. And now we know we have choices and decisions to make about our future: survival and creativity – or destruction.

The possibilities are myriad and temples built out of stone, with balanced materials for a greater good, will stand the test of time; while castles built out of sand will be swept away on the new wave.

In the same way that dinosaurs jettisoned their more cumbersome and violent members and soared into the sky as birds, so too will humans transform themselves into peaceful beings conscious of their responsibilities to harmonise with nature, and capable of exploring freedom: like the birds of the air.