Please can we find a new way of talking with each other, which allows us to hold different views and remain in discussion; a discourse that steps back from insult and recrimination, allowing a strong and forceful argument, without the threat of excommunication?
Please can we leave behind the ya-boo politics of yesteryear; the primitive practice of raising up and anointing a new leader, for the pack to gather around and start to shear and clip away, while some prepare kindling and others gather flints to either chuck or make sparks. And all for a short-lived reputation that within a few months is most likely to be an occasional footnote to a student’s essay.
The poor need the expertise of corporations, business needs customers and trade, the powerful have a responsibility to set the standards and all of us need to take care of our planet. Change is inevitable, so discussion and narrative help us to understand the immense complexities that swirl around. Only a tyrant can rule a family, so the conclusion is NO ONE can rule a village, let along town, city, or nation. We need the opposition of engaged discussion, with an understanding of the over-arching unity of difference.
Economic experts have a herd mentality, there are now so many of them, it was inevitable. They move in groups like a mass of wildebeest. If you look at them carefully now you will see the whites of their eyes enlarged. We should not punish them, but rather encourage them to think in a broader way about the triple bottom line: people, profits and planet. We can move away from primate economics of grab, consume and chuck away, towards future scoping and sustainability. We can replace the “growth” syndrome, with a quality standard; and always, of course, to search out well-being, how our friends, family and neighbours can enjoy themselves without harming others, and leave our world a better place for future generations.