Mosaic Artisans – Book to be published later this year

Southbank Mosaics will be publishing a book Mosaic Artisans later this year, based on the practise of Southbank Mosaics and calling for a new type of job to be created – the Street Artisan, or Mosaic Artisan whose job description is to “make the neighbourhood beautiful.”

Concrete and the industrialisation of the public realm and building trade has brought many benefits, in particular taking our towns out of the “muddy” ages. But the blandness of public space is now overwhelming and we need to move on to another level.

The Arts and Crafts movement of the Victorian era tackled the squalor of the British interior, we now need a similar movement to bring character and detail to the British exterior. Mosaic Artisans will be a manifesto calling for towns which feel they have a sense of history or a creative potential to design a new job, that is “inclusive” in its construction and gives each neighbourhood a distinctive character and edge. Why do most people prefer to visit Florence, rather than Valdivostok? And people visiting your town will be key to its success in the future – possibly.

Watch this space.