Power to the People

Please can we find a way of talking with each other that allows us to hold different views and remain in discussion? A discourse that steps back from insult and recrimination, allowing a strong and forceful argument, without the threat of excommunication.

The primitive pratice of raising up and anointing a new leader, for the pack to gather around and start to shear and clip away, while some prepare kindling and others gather flints to either chuck or spark. And all for a short-lived reputation that within a few decades is at most an occasional sentence in a student’s essay.

The poor need the expertise of corporations and institutions, business needs customers for trade, the powerful have a responsibility to set the standards and all of us need to take care of our planet. Change is inevitable, so discussion and narrative help us to understand the immense complexities that swirl around. Only a tyrant can rule a family, so a logical conclusion is that NO ONE can rule a village, let alone a town, city or nation. If we are to move away from tyranny, then we will learn to listen and talk with each other.

The European project currently seems to be so septic that the debate is overwhelmed by self-harmers and traditional pugilists. Meanwhile the big beasts stagger from crisis to crisis. The old line: our system is rotten, but tell me a better way to run things, is being worn thin. It is time for the mathematicians and economists to find a way for each individual to make a contribution, allowing the sum to be greater than the total of each part. The entitlement to eat (benefits) must be in respect to what we bring to the feast (responsibilities).

Here is how power can be realised by the people:
1) Turning every home and building into an energy producing business;
2) Healing our relationship with water.

The sun shines on every inch of our earth and the wind blows over every wave and tree. Beneath every foot there is a furnace and water cycles around our planet with unstinting power. We need to move full-scale, paradigm shifting, towards using the endless sources of free energy that we currently let slip through our hands. Our politicians are so immersed in the cut and thrust of historical feuds that they miss the safe havens before their eyes.

If every home was a power plant and every business building produced energy, then power and income would be literally shared among the people. Oil and gas will be nurtured as a precious commodity for future generations to use. We would no longer be dependent on hot spots of tyranny and would all have a stake in unlimited free sources of energy. Give the bullies, bankers and experts therapy, if they lack faith in our young scientists to tap these simple sources of infinite power. Expertise can be used for the people. Unemployment will be a choice instead of part of our economic structure. Science will be freed from the greed of the few and used to improve our quality of life.

Nothing illustrates our primitive processes so clearly as our abusive relationship to water – the key requirement that all space explorers search out, when looking for signs of life on other planets. We need to harvest our water, keep it pure and clean and re-cycle it in tune with nature. Each one of us should learn and have the means to collect the rain that falls on our home, keep it clean and use it respectfully.

How can anybody be unemployed when there is so much to do? Please put no more billions into the banks, but get it to the experts and workers who together can make our quality of life better.