Economic Evolution

There is so much work to do, it’s unbelievable how anyone can be unemployed. The only wealth is labour, as Adam Smith noted in Wealth of Nations*; unless people are making things and doing things for others, then no value can be added.

To put money into banks is fair enough if you need to save up for something, but to pump money in to the tune of £75 billion is incredible. These bank guys manage debt, they are dour front-row forward types. To make business out of debt is poor vision and will lead to financial collapse.

Economic experts have a herd mentality and they move in groups like a great mass of wildebeests. If you look at them carefully now you will see the whites of their eyes. They do not know what they are doing. They cannot see the wood for the trees. We should not punish them, but encourage them to think broader about the triple bottom line: profits, people and planet. They should be patted on the back if they remember to factor in sustainability and move away from their traditional grab and chuck away primate economics. They need to replace the “growth” syndrome, with a quality standard; and always of course to look at well-being, how our friends, family and neighbours can enjoy themselves and leave our world a better place for future generations.

Put the money into building houses.and those homes should produce more energy that they consume, they should be eco-friendly. Then we will solve our financial crisis, our employment crisis and be well on the way to soloving our energy crisis. If instead you pump the money into banks, they will cut so much for themselves that there will be none left for anyone else.

When you build energy efficient homes that produce electricity, you
*Employ brickies, leckies, plasterers, plumbers etc;
*They in turn buy supplies from merchants, manufacturers, producers and retailers;
*Homes that produce electricity using solar, wind and geo-thermal technologies stimulate the whole renewable energy industry (i.e. we tap into limitless sources of free energy)
*Owners of homes that produce electricity have an income, in place of a debt
*When you build a home, you can sell it, so you get your money back!!!

We need to make money work for us, instead of giving it to lenders and borrowers. We need to invest in people who do things, make things and produce things. Life itself is enough of a speculation, without us wagering our future on speculators.

Let’s move towards a creative economy, where our imaginations are set free and we all have an income and an entrepreneurial future.

*Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, Book1 Ch 5 .“Labour….is the only universal, as well as the only accurate measure of value”.