Job Description: Mosaic Artisan

Urgently required: A new type of Street Artisan. Someone who forgoes the endless hours, days, weeks and months toiling at thankless tasks, and instead rolls their sleeves up and makes their neighbourhood beautiful. A Jill or Jack of many skills. With a knowledge of horticulture, bio-diversity, laying foundations, building seats and planters, rendering and creating sculptures, murals, paving and signs.

Someone who is able to attend meetings and instead of arguing the finer points of a schism, can bring people together – schools, estates, authorities and residents. Someone who can research the history and reflect the culture of a place. Every street has a calling, let’s find out who or why it has that name?

Our Mosaic Artisan will tap into a wealth of tradition, the knowledge of simple, careful artisan skills, the concern for making something that will last a long time and free future generations from repetition. Yes, if we have made something of quality, future generations will want to maintain our work, but after they have checked over and fixed what was bequeathed them, they will have the foundation of inspiration from which to allow their imaginations to soar.

Every village, or town or district of a city that feels it has a history worth recording, with a mind to enhance its future, and a will to remind the children of a new age about their roots, should consider a new and practical job: Mosaic Artisan.

PS Apologies to those who thought this was an advertisement for a job. We wish it was – but not yet! At this stage it’s a suggestion only, for a new type of worker.

Making our town beautiful