Freedom and Fundamentalism

Fundamentalism is a focus and Freedom is a flow. Fundamentalism is a concentration on a few basics and Freedom is a survey of the panorama. Fundamentalism is where we came from and Freedom is our future.

There are times when fundamentalism is the right thing to do: an eight year old learning to tie his shoe laces; an engineer taking measurements to span a river; a poet distilling the essence of her meaning.
These are very personal moments of engagement with a project. If, for example, you create a business, you need to know your brand, your product, your customer. If you create a religion, and there have been tens of thousands of them throughout history, you need to define your rituals, your beliefs, your practises and convince others to join.

Fundamentals are building blocks of the creative process, and they are fast principles that remain as inspirations in the text. Where they are used to hold people back (in the sense of stopping people thinking and developing), to flog the flock, then they change from being an anchor, to being prison chains.

A Fundamentalist:

  • concentrates on faults, rather than principles (principles are only mentioned vaguely)
  • promotes hate, in place of kindness
  • abuses youth to get them to do the dirty work
  • preaches zealotry based on a few words, taken out of context from the whole, instead of enquiry and a search for meaning
  • demands intolerance, rather than friendliness and goodness

To use religious language: a fundamentalist is a blashphemer, because they deny God’s power:

  • over right and wrong
  • over life and death

A fundamentalist steals God’s power of judgement. They are thieves and warmongers. In the West, they typically cloak themselves in the language of freedom and then bomb cities, towns and villages to force their opinion and business on others. Their fundamentalism is mirrored by the same type of person from the oppressed. The oppressed justify themselves by saying – they do it to us!!! Although often clever, they remain false, and in religious terms blasphemous. Didn’t Gandhi teach us that an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind?

In contrast, Freedom:

  • promotes dialogue and a willingness to listen to others point of view
  • defines rights and responsibilities (setting boundaries and laws that are independently tested)
  • works on (fair) trade and mutual enrichment
  • seeks knowledge, understanding and awareness of the infinite

Fundamentalists defeat themselves by committing suicide (in thought and deed), turning heaven(love) into hell (war).

Freedom provides humanity with a limitless purpose that requires on-going discussion, contemplation, understanding, inclusion and renewal. Its story never ends, it is the Open Book, waiting for you to write a line…..