Generation Gap overtaken by economic necessity

Recreational drugs are used to enhance a social gathering and allow individuals to feel better, about themselves, the world, the situation. They are an easy way to reach a “high”. We may need to go there, because of the acute pain we feel, especially when we are young, about the injustices of the world, about the futility of what we do in this immense cosmos, about the hypocrisy and failures of our parents and past generations. We may have been raped when we were a kid, or beaten, or abandoned – it feels wrong and sickening. Can we find something to lessen the pain?

Or we may just want to have fun. A glass of wine or a pint of beer. So we take drugs to make us feel better. It’s such an easy way to enter the gate of happiness, or to transform our demons into angels.

But when the easy way becomes a habit, we need to pause a moment and check whether we are harming our bodies, deceiving our minds and cheating ourselves (and others who are affected by our behaviour).

Medicine uses all kinds of drugs to heal us – some of them clearly do more harm than good. Look at the cocktail of drugs routinely offered to older people; or even to rich people like Elvis Presely and Michael Jackson.

Our culture also promotes and advertises many toxic drugs for pleasure. Mighty law makers scarcely blink at their duplicity in criminalising one country’s drug, while quaffing whiskey and smoking ciggies: addictive and killer substances. In order to rebel against these double standards, taking drugs becomes a symbol of our support for evolution and freedom.

Mick Jagger is now a knight of the realm – so even the hitches that are wheeled out to huff and puff about the evil of drugs should open their eyes to the way the culture has always and will always change. In the end, these silly drugs laws, that criminalise one set of drugs and allow another, that promote gangsters and put our kids in harms way, will be overtaken by economic necessity. How do we pay for the health service, if the self-medication that most people use is put under the double economic bind of being outsourced to criminals, as well as causing our criminal justice system to uphold absurdities? Money that could so easily be turned into revenue, being literally, casually and dangerously thrown down the drain. The generation gap must surely be overtaken by the simple economic imperative to tax and regulate a part of the economy that is out of control.

But also pause a moment to consider that there are many alternatives to gaining a “high” – and it is probably more worthwhile to bang on about these rather than beat the petulant drum of discrimination. Here are a few “high” options:

  • Talk with a friend and enjoy listening to them and their presence. Both of you will soon be gone – so cherish the moment

*Exercise and play sport – the body will release for you its own morphines

*Look at nature – the trees, leaves, flowers, animals, insects, mountains, the sky and sea, night time stars (but not the day time sun – there have to be limits as well)

*Make love as a spiritual and healthy practise

*Consider beauty and what artists give; what are their aspirations, their meanings, their search for purpose, value and survival?

*Do something for others, help them, work to make our world a better place……

All these things give us a NATURAL HIGH – so in the beginning we don’t NEED chemical short-cuts that harm us. We may want them and they may temporarily help us get over an illness or problem, but there are  better alternatives.