Including you, me and the other

To aspire to the top spot, to earn millions of pounds: these are the targets of dolts. Greed is the creed; obese accounts the end result. Liberal, Labour and Conservative.

Unless they have massive incentives, the bankers promise they will leave your country, and subsequently our coffers will be increased!!! It’s the kind of offer you can’t refuse!!!

My common sense estimate is that 80% of each person’s career is good luck, 15% is hard work and 5% ability. For every chief executive officer of a company, I would wager that over half their workforce, with a bit of training, could do the job at least as well. That’s my gut feeling. But I’m not being dogmatic about it, and I admit I haven’t evaluated the research.

Meritocracy was a post-war aspiration that challenged an aristocratic mind-set: the assumption that by accident of birth you were destined to rule. Aristocracy was clearly wrong. When you looked at the origins of aristocratic families, however hard they tried to cover-up their history with tales of honour and legitimacy, none of them had a better right than William the Conqueror, who murdered the king and stole his land. And if you look acutely at the origins of the “meritocracy” you will inevitably find they were either damned lucky and/or they were ruthless in trampling others down. And in politics they continue to ape their predecessors with this dreary gravitation towards war.

Aspiration and meritocracy are fig-leaves for inequality and laziness. They are simple methodologies that allow for a continuation of structures that need to evolve, so that we can utilise our brilliant potential to INCLUDE people. We need to move away from winners and losers, the top of the heap and the bottom of the piles, the number 1 and every other number underneath. In the beginning this post-modern meritocracty is inefficient and stirs up resentment and strife. In any business the top rate of pay should be no more that five times the wage of the lowest pay, and perhaps that is too generous.

We need to start using our intelligence and capacities to solve the issues of the day, not just comment on them in an eternal recurrence of news stories, that cancel each other out in wave after wave, and only allow, at best, for the analysis of trends towards the abyss. We need to stop trashing our planet and work with forces of nature to stream our travel and build cities where kids can play and the blind walk and the elderly can work and young adults relax: if they want to.

Unemployment should become a fiction: there is so much to do. The economy has become unbalanced because of the greed to leaders and bosses. Far too many people are doing work that is purely supervisory with nothing tangible to show for the hours they put in. Bits of paper in the bin within the week. Emails deleted the next day. We need a settlement that starts with inclusion and the sky is the limit: which should mean that from first principle: EVERYONE  is included. By that we mean those with Aspergers syndrome and Autism, wheel chair users and people with the mental age of a two year old. When we include others we will create a world class environment. Then we will liberate our knowledge of science to traverse the universe.

This change should not occur in a revolution – a sudden break that looks back to a mythical golden age, but rather evolution. Then we can systematically alter the pay of those with huge pay packets, to an average wage, and give them a broom and a wheelie bin, with some streets allocated to sweep, so they start doing something useful.