World Class View blighted by car park

You may have seen the view out of the west window on the sixth floor of the Royal Festival Hall? It is breath-taking, especially at night. Unfortunately you’re supposed to be a member to reach level six, but sometimes they don’t have anyone on the west side stair case and you can sneak in.

London Eye with Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

You look out over the bend in the river Thames that takes in Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, with the various government buildings on the North Bank, and you see it through the joyful wheel of the London Eye. And as your eye lingers over these landmarks from this special vantage, you let your gaze slip down for a moment – and there Quelle Horreur!!! a poxy little car park sits like a rash across the view.

Why don’t we put a tarmaced car park at the top of Machu Picchu, so you can compare the elegant peaks and their terraced dwellings and temple ruins with the latest in line of hatch-backs, four-wheel drives and saloons? Or paint over the cobbles of St Peter’s Rome and allow ranks of tourist vehicles to fill up the space?

That this wretched car park exists in such a prime location at the very centre of London speaks more than words can say about the neglect of the owners of the land (the Arts Council and South Bank Centre) for their responsibilities. This car park must go! If the logistics say that parking spaces are needed, then do what Shell and everyone else around here have done – put it underground! Perhaps the only thing in its favour is that it’s just a rubble surface, honest enough to admit, it’s just a money earner and nuttin’ else – ;+(