Much loved……….

Dave Squires’ mosaic portrait, on the wall outside Waterloo Action Centre, is a fitting memorial to someone who cared deeply about the neighbourhood in which he lived and worked. He was a much loved street sweeper, who took pride in keeping Lower Marsh market and the surrounding streets clean. Sponsored by Lambeth NHS, this award recognises the well-being benefits that are created by people like Dave: cleaners help prevent disease, doctors cure it.

Dave Squires: contemporary character on our street

The artists at Southbank Mosaics who made and installed the art work, hope that other services, businesses and communities will recognise the characters who work with them, who deserve an award. The heritage Blue Plaque scheme, which marks our historical figures, will be complimented by contemporary characters who are making a difference now. As well as putting detail and interest on to our streets, this is a democratic way of marking who we feel is significant.
As Britain’s first social enterpise in the contruction industry, Southbank Mosaics will create new jobs if enough awards are commissioned. These awards will also help to keep people out of prison – the art studio specialises in finding alternatives to custody for offenders. “Far better to make these durable portraits with a master-artist and pay-back to society, than waste your time and everyone’s money in a cell with a master-thief,” says Silvie Jacobi, one of the portrait artists at the studio.