What is beauty?

Beauty is subjective. For some it leads us home and for others it leads over the horizon.
Beauty leads us back to nature and if we look with the eye of an artist, beauty is all around us in the trees, the mountains and the sky.
Beauty takes us into the future, it raises our hopes and crosses the boundary of time.
Beauty reminds us that our world is full of wonder and that people take time to work at creating something to reveal this.


Beauty remembers our formative relationships, archetype friendships, the way we grew up.
Beauty emobodies our aesthetic, our highest feelings, our emotions unified in bliss.
Beauty memorialises the sacred character of each person, place and object.
Beauty finds patterns of interpretation, moods and emotions conveyed through drama, music, dance and visual art.
Beauty may even warn us not to harm others, it may shock us with its violent clashes of images, colours, chords, arguments and forces.