Street Art Mosaics

Why do our streets have names? After whom or what is this street named? Every place has a story to tell and almost always we do not know why! So we are finding ways to make our streets more intelligible, to link nieghbourhoods to their roots, to put character and detail into our shared spaces.

Black Prince portrait installed into Black Prince Road

By placing, for example, a portrait of the Black Prince in Black Prince Road, we are able to show residents and visitors what he looked like.


The Portrait of the Duke of Wellington installed into Salamanca Street, links the street to the history of Wellington, who fought the Battle of Salamanca in 1812, on his way to driving Napoleon out of the Iberian peninsula. The painting comes from an original by Goya, painted in Madrid, where Wellington was feted as a hero for supporting Spanish efforts to regain independence.

Cities are full of histories and memories. At Southbank Mosaics we can support making London and other towns and cities more interesting by recalling and celebrating the origins of street names.