Young Forever

It’s a great idea, except there are problems with being young forever:

  • everything changes, matures and disappears or dies
  • if we were forever young, who would nurture, guide and teach us?
  • beware also the hype of flattery that seeks to seduce us into delusions of narcissism and lure us towards more shopping….

There are some ways we can reach forward into the next generation and glimpse beyond our own life. One is to have children and grandchildren and glimpse infinity through love. Is this why we imagined “immortality” and the unity of all creation? Another is to design a work of great beauty, give birth to a work of art, that lasts through time and will delight (or warn) future generations, being “young” for each person who experiences it for the first time. Or to take part in building something strong: a walkway, a road, a bridge, a home, a mansion, a castle, a cathedral, an institution – to make something useful that will set the next generations free to do something else, while making use of what we left behind.

Taj Mahal Agra - a gift to humanity