Dave Squires – much loved Waterloo Street Sweeper

Sivie Jacobi, Antonio Vieira and David Tootill have made a mosaic memoiral to Waterloo’s much loved and missed, street sweeper – Dave Squires

Dave Squires Memorial

The memorial is in reverse mode at the moment, because it will be installed onto a building in Lower Marsh market, the central area that Dave kept clean. This is a new concept of rewarding key workers and people who’ve had a positive impact on their community. It’s a warm way of putting characters, who’ve made a difference, on to our streets. The mosaics will compliment the Blue Heritage Plaques that denote historic figures. The sale price for a project like this would be between £500 – £1000 depending on the amount of writing requested. So if you know somebody special, perhaps a local hero,  who deserves a pat of the back, or who has made a big contribution to your community or your workplace, then let Southbank Mosaics know and we can give you an award that will last for at least two hundred years and people our streets with the vibrant detail of contemporary life.