Climate Change and Jubilee Gardens

The transformation of Jubilee Gardens can be achieved with a small footprint. Taking advantage of active citizens’ willingness to help make the changes, Southbank Mosaics can mobilise up to twenty volunteers a day to undertake the labour intensive aspects of bringing character and detail to this most visited plot in England. This has the added advantage of engaging with local residents, letting them participate and ultimately to become ambassadors for the new garden. We will involve at least 4000 people in tasks from planting trees and flower beds, to making fountains and mosaics.
Some of the mosaics can use re-cycled tile, taken from the river Thames, juxtaposed together in patterns and forms that highlight liquid history – using Roman, medieval, Tudor and more recent tiles that are offered up by the river at every low tide.

So how does this make a difference to Climate Change? It is an example of either us taking responsibility for our actions, using our own labour, re-cycling and keeping our activities local; or we can choose to let others come in from afar, stand by and watch while they do all the work, pay for the extra transport costs, use imported techniques and materials and leave us at the end to complain about the blandness of what has been handed to us on a plate.

Much better to let us get the job done ourselves, so we save the transport costs, save the imported labour and materials and don’t hang about to complain. Let’s enjoy designing, making and doing for ourselves. The Southbank has the added advantage of the whole world coming here, people from every creed, colour and community; so if we take this opportunity to get the job done, we will involve the world community in the process. Paradoxically, giving the job to someone from afar, will restrict the numbers of people from different countries able to help with this task. Let’s have a sustainable effort that involves the wider community!

Mosaic is a metaphor for London: all the people’s, tribes, creeds, clans, colours, communities, faiths and freedoms coming together to make a brilliant whole.