Jubilee Gardens

Dear Gordon Brown/ David Cameron/Nick Clegg/Boris Johnson

Gift to the queen on her sixtieth jubilee: Jubilee Gardens

Elizabeth II is one of the great monarchs of British history. Along with Elizabeth I and Victoria, she stands above the rest. Her sixtieth Jubilee in June 2012 provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to show respect to our queen and transform a bleak bit of turf at the heart of London.

For forty years, Jubilee Gardens (in front of the London Eye), has been neglected. Corporate interests have tried hard to give this space a make-over. It is the most visited piece of grass in England, most noted for litter and being sodden. Now local residents are determined to provide momentum that will lead to progress and action to get the job done. The Queen gives a unity to the project.

Jubilee Gardens will be transformed into a world class destination, using existing resources and the talents of local people to make a beautiful space, filled with trees, flowers and fountains. Teams of volunteers will be mobilised, from homeless people to workers in the corporate businesses that line the river bank. Aside from those employed in the transformation, at least ten permanent jobs will be created.

We want your cross-party endorsement to join with the thousands of volunteers we will mobilise to see this through.

Yours sincerely

Ordinary people who live in SE1 where there isn’t much park or garden space


Tree of Life in Hopton Gardens

For more details see: Friends of Jubilee Gardens and Waterloo Community Development Group